Contemporary Brazilian Trombone


In Brazil, the Trombone is still known as a popular music instrument or a following instrument for harmonic bases. With the growth of the Symphonic Orchestras of the country, we had a slight change in relation to this reality, but not enough to understand that Trombone can be a soloist instrument of classic music universe.


The Trombone is rarely seen as a soloist instrument in the concert halls and we still suffer a prejudice in relation to this situation, which is usually labeled as “unusual”!


The Contemporary Brazilian Trombone Project tries to disclose the instrument as a soloist and protagonist of Chamber Music, transiting between several instruments of different families as Chords, Woods, Metals and Percussion, in order to insert it in chamber formation as well where, again, it has almost no presence as an active instrument. Doing it, we are stimulating the composers from every part of Brazil to write trombone dedicated pieces, increasing and diversifying their repertory. 


The composers who were part of the first project were: Paulo Zuben, Flo Menezes, Rodrigo Lima, Sergio Kafejian, Marcilio Onofre and Alexandre Lunsqui

O Vento do Sussuarâo - Paulo Zuben


Elegia em Azul - Rodrigo Lima


Circulares - Sergio Kafejian


Canvas - Alexandre Lunsqui


Linha do Cavaleiro do Céu - Marcilio Onofre


Matiz I - Rodrigo Lima


Contrafacta - Flo Menezes



Photos of the Album Recording 

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